Mrs. Sharon Ricker

Grade 1

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First Grade News




First graders have been off to a marvelous start to the school year despite all the changes that have occurred this year.  We have spent the first few weeks of school learning the new routines, practicing how to social distance, catching up with each other, and practicing all the other skills that we will need to make the classroom run safely and smoothly.  First graders have adapted well to the changes and are very excited about the extra time outside for mask breaks! 


In LA, we have read many stories about friendship.  This has tied into learning about community helpers.  We will soon be learning about responsible citizenship.  In Math, we have been practicing counting and have learned about addition. 


Soon we will be having a student-teacher join our classroom.  Ms. Alexis Scott will be completing her practicum placement in our classroom.  For the first semester, she will be joining our class once a week.  This will primarily be on Fridays, but some weeks may be on a different day.  She will also join us for a full week in October!  In the Spring, she will be completing her semester-long internship (student teaching).  During this time she will be working the same workday schedule as teachers,  as well as attending meetings and PD days.   


I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with Ms. Scott and am looking forward to what she has to offer to First Grade students.  



It is hard to believe we are already at the end of October! We continue to read stories about friendship and being good citizens. In Social Studies, we finished learning about being responsible citizens and have started fall-themed science.  We have been learning about apples and pumpkins.  To conclude our week of learning about apples we watched a Mystery Science video about “How big Apples Grow” and completed a modified STEM project to create “Apple Trappers”.  Students were very excited to try out their trappers and were talking about ways they could make it better at home.  

We are very excited to have welcomed Ms. Scott into our classroom as a student-teacher.   For the first semester, she will be joining our class once a week.  This will primarily be on Fridays, but some weeks may be on a different day.  We are also lucky enough to have her here for a full week in October!  In the Spring, she will be completing her semester-long internship. 

We have learned that Ms. Scott is from Stratford, NH, and is currently in her last year of college at Plymouth State University to become a certified K-8 teacher.  When asked about herself she shared that she loves the outdoors (kayaking) and animals.  She has two small dogs, a cat, a giant fish, and a rabbit.  She is very excited about working with the students and getting to know parents throughout the year.  Ms. Scott has been a great addition to our classroom.  We will miss her during her time off between semesters!




November has been a month of remote challenges, but we have persevered through and are all learning new skills.  First graders are starting to get familiar with their new Chromebooks and started to complete a few activities on Google Classroom.  Although these may be challenging at first with practice they will get easier.   I want to give a big shout out to all the parents who are working to make the best of a not ideal situation! 

This month we have been learning about who the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag were and why they were important.  We have learned many interesting facts. First graders wrote about what they do on Thanksgiving and what they are thankful for.  First graders also worked on a family turkey project.   Students all received a paper turkey to disguise.  The goal is to disguise the turkey so that it makes it safely past Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to see how creative students were.   




First graders continued to persevere through remote challenges.  They are starting to be able to complete activities on Google Classroom with fewer complications!  This just goes to show that with practice you will get better at whatever you are trying to do.  I have observed on several occasions students trying to troubleshoot and explain to others how to fix a technology issue. 


We have read stories together about frogs, trying your best, and butterflies.  We have also practiced using breakout rooms to read one on one.  This was exciting to do, as I was able to see what great readers first graders are becoming! This month we learned about different types of maps, why they are important, how to use maps, and even made a few of our own maps.  Although this is not an easy skill to learn remotely students have worked hard to make the best of a difficult situation.  


We are ending the month with some fun holiday activities.  Although it is not the normal December that we are used to, we are still able to enjoy some holiday crafts and activities.  I want to wish everyone a happy holiday!  I am looking forward to seeing students on January 4! 




January has been an exciting month.  First graders were excited to be back in the classroom and to be welcoming back Ms. Scott into our classroom.  Ms. Scott will be completing her semester-long internship (student teaching) in our classroom.  We are enjoying having her as part of our classroom community.  


In LA, we have been reading many books by Eric Carle.  We have learned that he loved to write about insects and nature!  This has tied in well with our science unit on animals.  First graders have been learning about the various different animal groups and their characteristics.  


In Math, we have been learning about numbers to 100.   First graders have learned about tens and ones and the value of each.  Students have learned how to use base ten blocks to show different ways to make numbers.  They soon will be learning how to compare numbers to 100.  


Although Valentine’s Day celebrations are different this year we will be doing a craft and fun activity on February 12.  We look forward to having a Covid friendly afternoon.  



February has flown by! We have been very busy this month in first grade. We enjoyed our awesome Valentine’s Day celebration! The class enjoyed the afternoon creating Valentine’s Day crafts and cards. Thank you all for the thoughtful gifts. 

In LA, we have been practicing our writing skills! After vacation, we will start our weather unit and continue to practice our skills while writing about the weather. 

In Math, we have been learning how to add and compare numbers using many different tools and strategies. Ask your first grader about their tools! (Alligators, base ten blocks, and hundreds chart.) We are doing a great job trying our best even when math is difficult! Next, we will work on subtraction.  

We hope you have a fun, safe, and restful February Vacation! 




March has been an exciting month! First grade has been filled with scientists. The class has enjoyed walking and playing outside in the warmer weather. Spring is on its way! First grade has also been focusing on our confidence and perseverance! Each morning we have done “repeat after me” affirmations such as, I can do hard things and I will try my best! 


In Science, we have been meteorologists learning all about our different seasons and weather! We also learned about the water cycle and clouds (Ask your child to sing to you about evaporation, condensation, precipitation….). 


In LA, we have integrated our science and our language arts. Our first-grade scientists have been writing every day; forecasting the weather, giving us their opinion about seasons, and creating books about the water cycle. 


In Math, we have been learning the many different ways to measure objects around the classroom! We have measured with cubes, paper clips, and straws. Students had a great time trying to measure Ms.Scott with cubes (92 cubes tall). Our next topic will be exploring time. 


Enjoy the upcoming warm weather!




April has flown by! First grade has been enjoying the warm weather and getting outside as much as possible! We continue to focus on our confidence and perseverance each day. 


In Social Studies, we learned all about community economics. Students learned about how our community works, jobs in our community, and why they are important. They also learned what needs and wants are, goods and services, and producers and consumers. 


In LA, we have been reading many books by Mo Willems. Ask your child what their favorite Elephant and Piggie book or Pigeon book is.  We have been authors! Each student has been writing a book using text features similar to Mo Willems. 


In Math, we explored the topic of time. Ask your child to tell you what time it is (for example 1 o’clock or 1:30). Currently, we are diving deeper into learning about shapes!  At the end of this math topic, we will be creating shape monsters.


We hope you have a fun, safe, and restful April Vacation! 



First graders have been enjoying this beautiful, warm, May weather!  We have been trying to get outside as much as possible.   We have used this extra time outside to play games such as “Mother May I”, basketball, and “Red Light, Green Light”.  


In Science, we have been learning about Space and the Solar System.  Students have enjoyed reading about each planet.  We will soon be making models of the planets.  


In Math, we finished up our topic on shapes.  First graders worked really hard on creating shape monsters with 2D and 3D shapes.   I was very proud of how hard they worked and how creative they were.  At times, it was frustrating for them because a body part might have fallen off but they persevered and tried a different way to approach the problem and were all able to produce a finished project! Great work, First Grade!