8th Graders Kick-off with Fun!

8th grade

This is the third year our 8th grade students have been able to travel to Pittsburg School first thing in the morning to participate in Tech Ed for the first semester, and a comprehensive Health class second semester. It's always exciting to hear and see what the students have been creating, building, cooking, and learning about! After just a few classes, the 8th graders came back with squirrels. No, not the animal, thank goodness! These wooden tools are in the shape of a squirrel and are designed as a helpful kitchen tool. The students excitedly explained that you "hook the oven rack on the ear of the squirrel to pull it out, and push it back in using the neck of the wooden squirrel." The students were extremely proud of their work, explaining how they learned to use the bandsaw for this project. Many were looking forward to presenting the squirrel to their parents, and were also excited to give it a try in the kitchen themselves. Great news, parents--you may have some volunteers in the kitchen tonight! :)