Parent Resources

The resources listed below may be valuable for you and/or your student.

    • A free website that provides hundreds of videos to get children active. Great for rainy days (or snow days!) and "I'm bored!" moments.

    • Search by your school name, zip code (03597), and teacher's name to access your class spelling list. This is a great way to practice spelling words, and students greatly enjoy it! ¬†(**Not all teachers use this website.**)

  • Parents Make a Difference
    • The links below will bring you to the Title I newsletters that are distributed on a monthly basis.

  • Teacher-recommended apps:
    • Motion Math (some favorite games include Hungry Fish, Math, and Zoom)
    • Epic
    • Starfall¬†
    • Spelling City
    • Book Creator
    • Puppet Pals
    • Virtual Manipulatives
    • Splash Math
    • Webster's Dictionary
    • Handwriting Without Tears
    • Bedtime Math
    • Sworkit (Personalized Video Workouts)
    • TanZen

  • The visual below is from the "Educational Technology and Mobile Learning" website ( and provides a visual for 10 websites you can refer to if you're interested in finding audiobooks for your child.