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Student Assistance Program- Mrs. Weir

Prevention Program News -

Grades 1 and 2 have been working hard and having fun with the  Second Step Program.  The program focuses on social and emotional health while promoting skills thru brain-building games, interactive partner work,  music, and take home activities.  

8th grade has been using the new Media Power Youth Program.  The program encourages skills to use media in positive and healthy ways.  

3rd-5th-grade boys and girls social groups will be starting in January.  These groups are completely voluntary.  Some topics the kids will be discussing and doing activities on are, self-esteem, kindness, respect, being true to self, gossip, stress, and emotions.  

Classes for 4/5 grade classes have started.   We will once again be using the wonderful SecondStep program and Life Skills Training.  Students will also have Mind Yeti (videos below).


     Second Step-    

YouTube Video


        Mind Yeti -                                    

YouTube Video

        Media Power Youth-              http://mediapoweryouth.org/