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Student Assistance Program- Mrs. Weir

Prevention Program News -
                                                                                             Welcome back !!!

3rd-5th grade boys and girls social groups will be starting in the next couple of weeks.  These groups are completely voluntary.  Some topics the kids will be discussing and doing activities  on are, self esteem, kindness, respect, being true to self, gossip, stress, and emotions.  

Classes for 4/5 grade will start in October.  We will once again be using the wonderful SecondStep program.  Students will also be have Mind Yeti (videos below).

 Red Ribbon Week is October 23-27, 2017.  Planning  the week is in process.  There will be theme days during the week. Check back for some exciting news!

     Second Step-    

YouTube Video


        Mind Yeti -                                    

YouTube Video

        Media Power Youth-              http://mediapoweryouth.org/