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We just started a new school year and a month is gone. This year is going to whiz by. Our yearbook committee has had one meeting. Members are Jayden Riendeau, Savannah Ricker, Kade Cameron, Kaedyn Covell, Anthony Dumont, Kole Chapple, and Julia Noyes. We will be using box top money to fund the yearbook, making sure that every student and staff member will receive a free, colored yearbook.  So collect those General Mills box tops for our school!  We will still be having “Box Top Raffles” throughout the year with the first one on October 30th.  A flyer will go home soon, but if anyone has any questions, just see me in the library, call, or send me an email.

Our Scholastic Book Fair week will be October 22-26, with Family Night on Thursday, the 25th. Hope 

to see everybody there!