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Book Report Information

Information on... Book Reports!

Students will be completing 4 book reports this year. Please look in your child's folder for this letter for more details. Basically, children will read a chapter book at home, then complete a one-page paper about the book that they will get from me. Finally, they will create a simple art project at home about the story in general or one aspect of the story. Some ideas are: a mobile, a poster, a shoebox diorama, a brochure, a story cube, a book jacket... but the sky is the limit in terms of acceptable creativity! 

We will complete the first book report paper in class but students need to do the art project at home after they read their book.  Tentative due dates are: 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday December 1, 2017

Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday, May 11, 2018

Here are some other art project ideas you may wish to consider:

Jacket: draw picture on front with name of book & author
1.On front side- summary of book 
2,On back side- things about author
Inside draw picture of favorite part
On back-write problem & solution
Chips can: Cover can with paper.
Put slips of paper inside can with the setting and characters, summary,
Problem, solution, and favorite part.

Scroll: two toliet paper rolls or paper towel rolls:
Cut paper length wise in half and tape together to use. Cover the toliet paper rolls or paper towel rolls. Write & draw things about their book and tape it to the rolls and roll it up to look like a scroll.

CD case: Cut paper to fit CD case…the front is the name of the book and author. The back is a summary of the book. You can also put papers in the CD with problem, solution and main characters, etc.

Paper sack: front: name of book & author
Back: summary of book
Side panel: favorite words used
Side panel: favorite part
Bottom: name

Book Mark:
Take white construction paper and cut into thirds. Each child uses one piece and writes name of book & author, summary, main characters, problem & solution on it. (attached)

Story cube:
Write ideas on the board that you want them to do on each side of the cube. Then they cut it out and glue it together. (attached)

Cereal box:
Cover with construction paper. 
Top: title, author, illustrator
Bottom: your name and date
Front: Draw a picture of your favorite character and write their name
Back: Draw a scene from the book and write your favorite sentence or two from the book at the bottom of your picture
Side 1: List the main characters in your book and if there’s any room draw one.
Side 2: Write some neat words or words that you didn’t know or your favorite sentence.

Cut paper round and round and write info on it.