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Mrs. R. Hodge

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Here is the link to the video-friendly, BRAND-NEW Website https://sites.google.com/scs.sau7.org/remote-learning-23-scs/home
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Wednesday morning, March 25, 2020. So... I found out at 3:30 am why the video of the terrific Curious George book won't load. That's the good news. The bad news is that I'll have to re-record the video
Margaret and H. A. Rey's Curious George Goes to the Beach published by Houghton Mifflin Company

In honor of what would have been, finally, the week of Pirate Night!
How I Became a Pirate by David Shannon (Published by Scholastic)

HowIBecamea Pirate.MP4

You know what I miss the most about school? Aside from seeing you all every day, it might be our read alouds! I can't wait to find out how Charlie gets to adopt the skinny stray dog she watched fighting from the school bus window! Let's find out more in the next installment of Wish (Chapter 5).

Message for students, Friday, March 20, 2020. Click to listen:

Old stuff... before COVID -19 came to us.

Check out some cool memories from this year.

February News from Second and Third

Students in grades 1-3 learned a lot about sea creatures and the ocean habitat to prepare them for the aquarium trip this month. Living Shores in Glenn, NH was all we had hoped it would be: fun, hands-on, exciting, and mind-opening. Otters, stingrays, sharks, red garra “nibble fish,” Clownfish, Brain coral, Sea Anemone, Blue Tang, starfish, trout, horseshoe crabs, and catfish were some highlights. The only sea creature we had learned about that they did not (yet) have were jellyfish!

We also created our Chinese Dragon with Mr. Wade this month. This involved designing and putting the head together as well as decorating it. As part of this, we have done some Family Night preparations that include learning some facts about China, trying our hand at some Chinese picture writing, as well as exploring how the Chinese celebrate the Lunar New Year every year. 

January News from Second and Third 

We are delighted to welcome a new third grade student to our class: Welcome back to SCS, Hunter! 

Science is a pretty busy topic for grade 2 and 3 during the latter part of January. We often talk about weather events in one context or another, which brings students naturally to develop an understanding of and appreciation for the Water Cycle. As part of our learning, we made a model to demonstrate how water precipitates from a cloud. It was also very beautiful, as we used shaving cream with some food coloring dropped into the cloud. Here are some photos, but they really don't capture the beauty of the colors.

Another water cycle model we made was a demonstration of how water flows down mountains and creates deeper and deeper channels that eventually form river valleys. We started with an open-ended question: How does rain affect the landscape? and built knowledge from there through reading, looking at pictures and different rock samples, and then the hands-on construction of paper mountains. Hope you enjoy the photos!

The third photo is from an interactive map we worked on designing around a read-aloud book, Katie and the Mustang. Second graders used Scratch Jr. on the ipads to create mini projects, while third graders spent some time working with a Makey Makey on a laptop. Though we did not have time to pull together a completed map, it was a valuable and fun way to dabble with coding.

December News~ Second and Third Grades

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The past couple of weeks have passed by in a bit of a blur of busy times. Code week was amazing here at SCS! You have probably already heard about most of our learning experiences, so I won’t describe much here. But, don’t forget to ask your child about working with grade 7 to make a pixelated poster, training A.I. to tell the difference between trash and fish, and making a maze with a partner. There are many tales to tell! 

Weather art projects wrapped up our weather studies nicely. Thank you for your support. Enjoy the pics at the end of this note. 

Recently we all had a blast making models of landforms in class to learn about the different formations. It was challenging due to the limited materials, but very worthwhile and fun. Here are a few more pictures.

November News from Second and Third

Check out the attached photo of our first poster assignment. The subject that was being described was the Hindu festival of Diwali, and second graders had their first introduction to a checklist of criteria that needed to be included in a poster project. Designing and reviewing an assignment based on criteria is a skill that will be useful throughout school, and is often very difficult to do at first. With this in mind, students will be given many opportunities to practice. I hope you can see from the picture that the posters did capture the spirit of the Festival of Lights wonderfully!

You might be wondering why our class spent time learning about an Asian holiday that may never have been celebrated in our school district before. Please be aware that learning about how different cultures express themselves through the arts satisfies social studies standards for this grade band. And, after memorizing the names of all the continents earlier this year, it was also fun to taste chai and kheer (a coconut-rice pudding) that is a traditional part of this celebration.

In science we are learning about weather now. When you think about it, wind is a powerful force on our Earth that impacts the lives of people as well as makes major changes to our physical landscape both rapidly and over time. In one lesson recently, we incorporated some basic STEM thinking to make an anemometer to detect wind. Given specific materials and a brief glimpse of what an anemometer looks like, pairs had to make their own working model in a limited time. It was not easy, as there were no step-by-step directions given , and the materials provided were very basic. However, generating and trying ideas is an important part of learning and the scientific process that also gives rise to deeper thinking. Check out the attached photos of groups and their awesome anemometers!

October News from Second and Third 

This past month we have had many outside visitors that families will have heard bits and pieces about. For example, Cool Careers on Wheels brought in pieces of equipment to look at and learn a bit about up close. Children came up with some pretty interesting questions, and a big thank you goes to those who stayed with the equipment to answer them. As well, it was both National Hot Lunch Week and the Scholastic Book Fair. Thank you to the many families were able to come in and share lunch during the school day-- it means a lot to your children that you take the time for moments like this. We also celebrated healthy choices during Red Ribbon Week with dress up days, special visits from Border Patrol Agents (and their dogs and equipment). These events can provide for many teachable moments and terrific conversations about what it means to be healthy.

We also had our first Harvest of the Month visit from Amanda Kellner. This had everyone making a personal kale salad with sunflower seeds, apple, and dressing. Did you know that massaging the kale leaves will break down the waxy outer coating and make the salad nicer to eat? Students also had an introduction to the USDA’s MyPlate nutrition model for how to eat well to keep the human body working most optimally. My feeling as a teacher --and as a regular person--- is that frequent nutrition conversations are quite important for all of us (even adults) because there are so many different food options out there, and not all of them are the best for our bodies even though advertising and taste buds might try to tell us otherwise! 

October's Harvest of the Month is KALE!

September News from Second and Third Grade 

Our community of learners is coming together in so many positive ways this year! The time we have spent practicing expectations and becoming a kind, helpful, and fair community will pay dividends as our academic rigor increases. Playing games is an important part of this process at these grade levels. Please ask your child for details about his or her favorites-- there have been many!

It is my hope that every family enjoys the start of the new year by mixing in some last summer memories with preparations to start school. Please don't hesitate to reach out if there are concerns or questions at any point:


(603) 246 7082

~Mrs. Hodge