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December 2016 

     Well the weather has really changed, and I want to remind my students to dress appropriately for outdoor exercise. Coats,hats, gloves or mittens, boots, and scarves are all necessary items for these cold weather days.

      Students in grades 5-8 have started reading novels  for their reading time. The 5/6 class is reading The Kid Who Ran For President, by Dan Gutman. The 7/8 class is reading Bud, Not Buddy, by Christopher Paul Curtis. Both classes are learning how to take 2-column notes while reading their books. We have explored ways that we can use this note-taking technique in our daily lives.

Happy Holidays ! 

Mrs Stebbins

November 2016

    Students in grades five through eight wrote letters of appreciation to veterans, in celebration of Veterans Day. The letters were hand-delivered to local veterans, by our students who are going on the Washington D.C. trip in May. The veterans, who attended the Veterans Day breakfast at Monadnock Congregational Church last week, received a letter. The students created many thoughtful and creative letters, which will surely be treasured by our local veterans. This is such a great act of kindness. I am really proud of these students for honoring our veterans.

   Mrs. Bergman has been working with our classes, introducing Type 2 writing and a Writing Assignment Guide. The guide will be helpful for our Term 2 Writing Project, which will be assigned soon.

   Happy Thanksgiving!  Mrs. Stebbins


 October 2016

 I was looking through the Newsletter archives that I saved from last year, and I came across the “Reading Process” steps. These steps are always helpful for making connections, before, during, and after reading. Comprehension will improve, if we take the time to follow the steps. Remember to keep a growth mindset, so that the thread becomes yarn, then rope, then chain (someone in grades 5-8 came up with that).

Before reading:

1.       Set a purpose

2.       Preview the reading

3.       Plan a reading strategy

During reading:

1.       Read with a purpose

2.       Connect personally to the text

3.       Visualize the text

After reading:

1.       Pause and reflect

2.       Reread for better understanding

3.       Remember what you read

Happy Halloween!

Mrs. Stebbins

September 2016

     Best Wishes from grades five and six for a great autumn. The days have really been flying by since the beginning of the year. We have been greeting each other, during our morning meeting , in many different ways. Some of our class favorites for greetings are the “pantomime greeting” and the “one-minute greeting”. We like to start each day in a positive , friendly way.

     Grades five through eight were assigned a 1st term writing project that is due on Friday, September 30, 2016. They are writing essays about where we live. I am looking forward to reading some great essays, sharing their favorite ideas and thoughts. Who knows, maybe someday one of our students will write a book about our wonderful way of life.

Mrs. Stebbins



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