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December Newsletter

     Students in grades 5-8 have been working on a different style of a writing assignment called “R.A.F.T. Prompts”. Their website says “RAFT assignments are used to teach perspective, and make writing tasks more authentic”. There is choice as far as role, audience, format, and topic for each writer. This has proven to be an interesting style of setting up writing. We will continue to use this style more often in our classes. Feel free to check out their website for additional information.


Let’s see what interesting writing pieces we can come up with!

Have a great holiday break.

Mrs. Stebbins

   Newsletter November 2017

     Students in grades 5-8 wrote heartfelt letters to our local veterans, in celebration of Veterans

Day .The letters that were presented to veterans at the Veterans Day breakfast in Colebrook were received with many smiles and thanks for our students. Praise for a job well done to the students in my classes.

     Ancient India has been the topic of study in social studies for grades 6 and 7. Grade eight has been studying events that led up to the American Revolution. They presented rap/songs telling of the events of the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre.

    November has been a busy month, lots to do, lots to learn.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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