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November 2019


     Students in the Jr. High Language Arts classes have all reached the 50-word mark for the first five lessons in our Rev It Up Vocabulary program. Adding 50 new words to your vocabulary, and being able to use them in their writing and conversation is an incredible accomplishment. I commend the students in my classes for this hard work. Reading groups are quickly coming to the end of their novels, and we will be reading a literary magazine, SCOPE, for a few stories before starting our next novel selection.

     The students have been working hard in Social Studies classes also. Grade six students created a series of posters that describe and depict the Earth’s creation and the journey that started 4.5 billion years ago. Seventh-grade students created brochures, with great success, in a publisher's computer program. Their brochures featured Canadian cities and included pictures, photos, a list of sites to visit, and directions to reach each city from SCS and Stewartstown. Grade eight students have been studying the original thirteen colonies and have been assigned one colony to research in-depth. The assignment will end with a presentation to their classmates, of their research.

Happy Thanksgiving!


October 2019

Happy Fall!

     Well, things have been going great in the junior high end of our building. We have been using a new vocabulary program quite successfully, with many activities to help students learn their list of words. Students in my ELA classes have all been working in reading groups and the novels they are reading include five different books."Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key", "Because of Winn-Dixie", and "Baseball Fever" are the selections being read in grades six and seven. Students in grade eight are working with "The Sign of the Beaver" and "The Watsons go to Birmingham-1963".
     Social Studies assignments have included topics surrounding prehistoric practices for farming techniques and current organic farming techniques. Canada political maps were created, with great accuracy, by the seventh graders, and grade eight students have been studying the colonization of the early United States.

September 2019

Welcome back to a great new school year!

Students in the Junior High School grades kicked off the year with a vocabulary program called "Rev It Up." 
The program focuses on learning to spell and using ten new words in ten lessons. Students have read stories that include their words and answered questions to see if they truly understand the usage of each word. The writing has improved tremendously for these assignments.

Reading right now is focused on using the Scholastic Scope magazine. The selections have included both fiction and nonfiction pieces. All students will be beginning to read a novel next week.

The Social Studies lessons for the beginning of the year have been focused on map skills with some history topics also. We celebrated Constitution Day, September 17, 2019, by learning about the Bill of Rights and other Constitutional amendments.

I am looking forward to a great school year with your fantastic kids!

Mrs. Dorothy Stebbins

Newsletter May 2019

     The last term of the school year is quickly coming to an end. Junior High students have been studying a variety of topics in their Language Arts and Social Studies classes. Grade six recently started a unit of study about Ancient Rome. They will be researching and creating a project as the unit progresses. Grade seven has been creating a map of Europe and will be focusing on learning about a European country of their choice. Both classes have been reading Number the Stars; a novel about the Nazi German occupation of Denmark and the resistance groups.

     Grade eight students have been busy with graduation practice, field trips and end of the year activities. In between all of that they have been reading Refugee, a novel which intertwines the lives of three refugee families.  The students are just beginning research on Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro, or Bashir al-Assad. These are the regimes that the refugee families in the novel are trying to escape from. 

     It is nice to have some warm, sunny weather to enjoy!

     Mrs. Stebbins

Newsletter April 2019   

     Hooray, testing has been completed for the students in grades six through eight! We were able to fit in some outside exercise time last week, and it was nice getting some fresh air. We have also finished the novels that we have been reading in ELA classes for those same grades. First drafts of informational essays have been turned in, and we will be continuing working on those with editing and revising during class time after Spring break.

     Slide shows and brochures for Social Studies projects will be the next steps for our students in the Junior High grades. Their topics range from Greek gods and goddesses to General Robert E. Lee. They have been focused on research and I can’t wait to see their finished projects.

Happy Spring!

Mrs. Stebbins

Newsletter March 2019

     Well, spring is here! Hopefully, the warmer weather will be following soon.

     The students in grades six through eight are continuing to enjoy the novels we have been reading; “The Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe”, for the grades 6/7 and “Bud, not Buddy” for the grade 8 selection. 

     Writing selections have included more fiction writing prompts, and we have started informational writing. The students have been researching Social Studies topics to use for their writing assignments, as well as creating projects for Social Studies classes. Eighth-grade students are studying the Civil War, seventh-grade students are beginning research on a specific Latin American city, and sixth-grade students are beginning research on Ancient Greece.

Mrs. Stebbins

Newsletter February 2019

Hello, from Junior High students.

     We have had a very busy month since our last newsletter. Students have been researching and creating projects and maps during our Social Studies classes. The eighth graders are just beginning to study the events leading up to the Civil War and will start a project based on the Civil War soon. The sixth-grade class finished creating a class book about Ancient Egypt. All of the students in that class contributed at least two pages to their class book. Students in grade seven finished their maps of Latin America and are now researching one South American country. We have all learned a lot and these classes have been very productive.

     Language Arts classes have been writing using story starters to create fiction stories. Students have worked on their stories for 20 minutes a day, for an entire week. The results have included more details, and even dialogue, as our writing skills improve. All classes are reading novels that we started at the end of last month. “The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe”, is the grades six and seven selection. “Bud, not Buddy” is the eighth-grade selection.

Have a wonderful winter break!

Mrs. Stebbins  

Newsletter January 2019

      Happy New Year from the Junior High Students!

     Before starting our next novel, students in grades six through eight have been reading nonfiction articles from the Scholastic Scope magazine. The articles of most interest were two that involved disaster or near disaster. “The Race against Death” is an excerpt taken from The Cruelest Mile, a story written by Gay and Laney Salisbury about the diphtheria outbreak of 1925 in Nome, Alaska. A dog team and skilled musher delivered the antitoxin in time to save many lives. The second article, “Out of the Flames”, gives a first person account of the Triangle Waist Company fire of 1911. This disaster resulted in many deaths, as young female immigrant workers were trapped in the factory building.

     Research projects on Ancient Egypt and Latin America are the topics for grades six and seven Social Studies classes. Seventh grade students are creating a map of Latin American countries. Sixth grade students are researching many topics related to the pharaohs, the pyramids and the Nile River.

     Check out this link to the Nile River Cataracts if you haven’t experienced it before.


     Students in eighth grade will be starting research on Slavery and The Civil War soon. They created a 13 Colony Quiz game that we will be playing in class soon, to wrap up their 13 Colony research and projects.

Have a great month!

Mrs. Stebbins

December Newsletter    

Hello from the Junior High students!

     In Language Arts and Social Studies students have been working towards completion of projects and long-term writing assignments.  Their class time has also included a word of the day, spelling lessons, and reading. They should be finishing up their novels before vacation, and starting new ones when we return next year!

     I wish you all happy holidays, good health, and good times!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mrs. D. Stebbins


October 2018 Newsletter

Hello and Happy Halloween from SCS Junior High Students!

     We have finished projects in our Social Studies classes, and our great work was on display at our Family Night, October 25, 2018. The work included paintings of Canada’s bodies of water, maps of Canada, and two Canada facts games. These creative projects were put together by our grade seven students. The grade eight students included projects about Jamestown and Roanoke. Dioramas, drawings, slideshow presentations, and maps were very well done. They included facts about both settlements and hypotheses about what happened to Roanoke settlers. Sixth graders are working on creating a hallway bulletin board that depicts and describes how the Earth was made. Check it out!

     ELA classes have focused on reading several selections this month. Shiloh is the novel we are reading in grades six and seven. A Long way from Chicago is the novel we are reading in grade eight ELA classes. Both novels utilize country vernacular within their fiction story elements. The classes are enjoying both novels.

Mrs. Stebbins

September 2018 Newsletter

     Our students have made a quick transition from summer vacation to the new school year.

     In Language Arts and Social Studies classes, they have been very busy practicing their researching and writing skills, as well as planning projects. Students in grades six through eight have been reading selections from a Scholastic Scope magazine. The main focus has been nonfiction reading, related to the hurricane in Puerto Rico last September. Of course we were able to relate this information to current weather events, and what we would do if put in a disastrous weather situation.

     Social Studies research has been focused in different areas of study for each grade level. Grade six students are involved in solving “The Mystery of the Ice Man, Otzi”, researching to gather whatever scraps of information they can find about the discovery of this ancient man. Grade seven students are learning all about our neighboring country, Canada. They will be creating a project that shows what they know about Canada. Grade eight students have been trying to find out as much as they can about the two early English settlements, Roanoke, and Jamestown.

     All in all, it has been a great start to our year. Let’s keep up the good work!  

Mrs. Stebbins

May 2018 Newsletter

          The 6/7 and 8 Social Studies classes had a successful Ancient Egypt museum collection set up for our Family Night last month. I just want to thank all of the students for putting together such a great display of their creative work. The 6/7class has moved on to studying Ancient Greece, with a new research project that started this past week. The students chose a topic that interested them, and will be researching, and creating a presentation to share with their classmates. Grade 8 is researching U.S.Civil War battles, and also creating presentations that they will be sharing soon.

          ELA classes have continued working on argument writing. This has proved to be a challenging type of writing for students and teachers alike. The topics have to be researched, and the thoughts shared have to be backed up by that research. It may sound easy, but it takes some patience, hard work……oh there’s that word again…..and GRIT! Keep up the good work.

Mrs. Stebbins

April 2018 Newsletter

     Grades five through eight have started to learn the steps to argument writing. Mrs. Bergman spent time working with each class so that they could progress from opinion/persuasive writing pieces to argumentative pieces. After our spring break, we will continue to learn about and practice writing essays in this style.

     The 6/7 and 8 Social Studies classes have all been working hard to get ready for the April Family Night. They are creating an Ancient Egypt Museum display that will show off all of their hard work. The evening should be lots of fun, with stations set up for creating words in hieroglyphics, making cartouches, and playing the Ancient Egyptian game Senet. There will also be a book fair running throughout the week.      

Happy Vacation!

Mrs. Stebbins

March 2018 Newsletter

     Grades five through eight have been using interactive editing checklists in writing class, working with a partner for extra support. The list includes five areas that we are working towards editing: focus, organization, elaboration, language and vocabulary, and conventions. Mrs. Bergman guided us through this learning process initially, but we have also been practicing what we learned as we edit and revise our essays.

     The 6/7 Social Studies class have recently started a unit on Ancient Greece, first learning about the Minoan, and the Mycenaean civilizations during the Bronze Age in Ancient Greece. The famous poet Homer, and the Trojan War have been brought up in our discussions. We still have a lot to learn about this time period and its people.

     The eighth grade Social Studies class worked on a project choosing a new sport for the Winter Olympics. Researching rules, equipment, specifications was part of this project, as well as creating a visual to share with the class. Their latest research has focused on the American Revolution, and the winter of 1777 spent at Valley Forge.

Happy Spring!

Mrs. Stebbins

February 2018 Newsletter

     Grades five through eight will be working on editing their essays in Language Arts classes this week, with lots of guidance from teachers and our writing consultant Mrs. Bergman. The goal is to learn to self-edit and peer edit more skillfully; working on type four Collins writing skills.

     Students in the 6/7 Social Studies class have collaboratively created ideal “school behavior commandments” as part of their unit on the Ancient Phoenicians and Hebrews. They worked in groups, and shared their ideas to come up with their lists. The lists will be displayed in our classroom for all to see.

     The eighth graders made board games with the objective of teaching about the battles of the American Revolution. These games include questions about the battles, and map locations of the specific battles. After completing the project last week, the students played each game teaming into groups of 3 or 4. They are hoping to invite another class to play the games with them soon.

     Have a great winter break!

Mrs. Stebbins

 January 2018 Newsletter

     Students in grades five through eight have recently started a new writing assignment in their Language Arts classes. The assignment is an informational/biographical essay, with grades five and six researching and writing about a high-achieving African-American. Grades seven and eight are writing about a U.S. president. All of the essays will require research and writing on their subject’s biographical information, significance and contribution to the United States/World, and admirable traits. The students started their researching last week, and the first, rough draft is due February 14, 2018.

     The American Revolution and the Ancient Phoenician culture have been the topics of study in our grades six through eight Social Studies classes. Eighth grade students compared views of Loyalists to those of Patriots, making posters with those opposing views. Six and seventh graders have researched and created drawings of Phoenician ships and markets. 

Happy New Year!

Mrs. Stebbins

December Newsletter

     Students in grades 5-8 have been working on a different style of a writing assignment called “R.A.F.T. Prompts”. Their website says “RAFT assignments are used to teach perspective, and make writing tasks more authentic”. There is choice as far as role, audience, format, and topic for each writer. This has proven to be an interesting style of setting up writing. We will continue to use this style more often in our classes. Feel free to check out their website for additional information.


Let’s see what interesting writing pieces we can come up with!

Have a great holiday break.

Mrs. Stebbins

    November 2017

     Students in grades 5-8 wrote heartfelt letters to our local veterans, in celebration of Veterans

Day .The letters that were presented to veterans at the Veterans Day breakfast in Colebrook were received with many smiles and thanks for our students. Praise for a job well done to the students in my classes.

     Ancient India has been the topic of study in social studies for grades 6 and 7. Grade eight has been studying events that led up to the American Revolution. They presented rap/songs telling of the events of the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre.

    November has been a busy month, lots to do, lots to learn.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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