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September 2017

The 2017-2018 fifth graders hit the ground running this school year. We got straight to work with writing and reviewing basic math skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions. We're broadening our scope and understanding of early colonial times to include all of the original 13 colonies (not just NH), and we dove into the engineering and design process with our attempts at building hovercrafts.

    Our hovercraft projects have been challenging but exciting for everyone. Students have really been enjoying the process. They are learning the concepts of "lift" and "thrust" and that even they, the students, are engineers as they design, build, and modify their crafts. They have had to draw on individual creativity and previous understanding of simple circuits to make the hovercrafts run. 

    As far as reading goes, fifth and sixth graders are working together on three different books all centered around the theme of "SURVIVAL".  They are learning how varied "survival" looks in three vastly different situations. But, the basic needs of food, shelter, and protection all remain the same. Many of them wonder if they would be able to survive as the characters are in these novels. 

Week of Sept 25-29

Words with Long O and U

soul           lose            juice            issue
smoke       chose         drove          ego
move         stole           Tuesday     argue
clue           prove          rescue        cruise
fruits          produce      continue     toll