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November 2017


Vertebrate or invertebrate, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler to be have a backbone or not.

You and I may have backbones but we know the vast majority of animals on this planet do not. 

We are studying the 7 classes of both vertebrates and invertebrates, animal systems, and plant and animal adaptations. 

Becoming A Nation

It certainly took a long time and an enormous amount of collaborative efforts to create these United States of America. 

Without those courageous, hardworking, and forward thinking individuals, we wouldn't be where we are today. 

It is hard to put ourselves in the shoes of our forefathers such as Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Ben Franklin, George Washington, and many others. 

We are, however, learning about the unfairness of the colonists' situation at the time and how these colonists became increasingly unhappy about their treatment by Great Britain. Once our tolerance grew too thin we decided breaking the ties and declaring our independence was our only option. 

Powers of 10

We have learned the beauty of using the powers of 10 when multiplying.

Can it get any easier than that? Probably not, but it certainly does come in handy.

More multiplication is on the way as we broaden our skills to include larger numbers, decimals, exponents, and more.