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2017-2018 Expectations

Fifth Grade Expectations

Ms. Wonkka


Each classroom at Stewartstown Community School implements the Responsive Classroom approach to teaching. We do this to help create greater teacher effectiveness, higher student achievement, and a better school climate. We are continuously working to promote respectful, caring, and responsible behaviors among all who make this school great including the students, their families, the teachers, and members of the community. Building a better world starts with each and every one of us.

Are you prepared?

Every student should come to class with pencils, erasers, textbooks, workbooks, homework, and an agenda (assignment book).  The agenda is provided and will be an essential communication tool between home and school. Students will be required to write their homework assignments in it daily.

Specials schedule























Grading scale

Tests  35%

Quizzes  25%

Classwork  25%

Homework  15%  (Some form of homework will be assigned regularly.)

You should also have a least one silent reading book at your desk at ALL times.



·        Our schedule is tight this year and all students will need to be conscious of the need to be timely in most everything we do. There will be some moving of whole classes of students from room to room, so we must be on time and ready to rock and roll.

·        Students will have a 15 minute snack every day from 9:30-9:45. It is designed to be a brief refueling time for the mind and body and will not be a time to eat as many things from our lunch boxes as possible. 

·        Your desks will be used by students from other rooms; therefore, the desk should only have your agenda, a writing implement/eraser, a silent reading book, and one fidget item (teacher discretion) in it!

·        All textbooks, workbooks, and any of your personal items should be kept in your cubby.

·        Hooks are for your jacket/sweatshirt and backpack.

·        Homework passes will be rewarded, on occasion, for displays of excellence in academics or behavior. 

·        On or near your birthday you will get to sit in the teacher chair for the day. Even if you have a summer birthday you will be given a turn. 

·        Movement to work in other locations around the room is completely acceptable and encouraged, but be sure to make good choices for yourself and others (teacher can move you if necessary)

·        The “Chill Zone” or otherwise known as the “Take a Break” area is back. Please view this as a time and place to get your good thinking/acting back. It is NOT a punishment but rather an opportunity to calm and collect yourself and get into a better frame of mind for learning.

·        ***It is everyone’s responsibility to take care of the community, its tools, its space—SHARE!!!***

Contact information

Please feel free to contact me.

Ms. Wonkka


(603) 246-7082