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1st and 2nd Grade News

During the first week of school, we have been spending time going over classroom procedures and getting to know each other.  We have a couple new students that have joined our class this year.  Students were quick to make friends with them and make them feel welcome at SCS!  I can tell we are going to have a PAWSome year!

First and Second graders have been off to a PAWSative start! We spent the first few weeks of school learning new routines and practicing the skills that we will need to make the classroom run smoothly.  During Math, we split into grade level groups and complete work accordingly.   During Language Arts we split into smaller groups to be able to work even closer to students needs.    Students also have a chance to choose between Read to Self, Read to Someone, or Listen to Reading-in which students will be able to listen to books on CD/tape or on the iPad.  Soon we will be introducing Word Work-in which students will have a chance to practice spelling in a fun way.   We completed a science unit on Senses.  Each day we explored one of the five senses.  Students enjoyed hands on activities such as sound boxes, guessing what smells were, and tasting different foods!


At the beginning of October First and Second graders were excited to welcome two new students to our class! We spent some time getting to know our new friends and teaching them the routine and rules in our classroom. We have been reading many different books during Language Arts and have been focusing on the setting and story elements. Students have been practicing retelling a story focusing on the beginning, middle, and end. This is done through pictures, sentences, or a combination of both. We have also added Word Work to our daily choice. Students have a chance to practice spelling in a fun way. In Science, we completed a plant unit with the focus on apple tree life cycles and pumpkin life cycles. We have now started a Social Studies unit on Communities.