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Grade 8 Quiz and Test Dates

                                                                        Items that prepare for test

                                                                        Thursday, September 28th

                                                                                 Grade 8

                                                              - Steps to Lab Report (in order)

                                                      - Steps to Scientific Method

                                            - Chapter 18 Section 1 (What is motion?)

                                                      Know the following terms: speed,  velocity

                                                                            Chapter 18 Section 2 (Acceleration)                  


                                                        Chapter 18 Section 3 (Collisions)

                                                Know the difference between mass  and weight                      Know the term: mass, momentum                                                                                                   Know your formulas for speed,velocity, acceleration, momentum

                                                                         Chapter 19 Section 1 (Newton’s first Law)

                                                                                                                Know the terms: force, netforce

                                                                                                                balanced forces, unbalanced forces,

                                                                                                                Newton’s first law of motion

                                                                                                                Friction (3 types: static, sliding, rolling)