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Grade 8 Guidelines


Middle School Science

Science GuideLines

School Year 2018-2019

Grade 8

        Welcome back to another exciting school year.  These guidelines will be helpful to you as it outlines my expectations, grading, homework policies and lab report formats.  It is important that you read this document and with someone at home so we are all on the same page.  I am excited to be teaching you this year.

What does it mean to come to class prepared?

·       You will need to arrive on time; every minute is important.

·       Materials to have every day are the following:

1.   Journal

2.   Technology 

3.    Agenda

4.    Pen/Pencil        

5.    Textbook 

6.     Ring with Challenge Cards

Thinking like a scientist….what does that mean?

·       We will be learning the scientific method ( logical way to solve problems and is the basis for the scientific research)

·       We will learn the science inquiry steps. (asking scientific oriented questions, forming hypotheses, collecting evidence, forming explanations, connecting explanations scientific knowledge and theory, communicating and justifying explanations.)

Science Journal

        A science journal is a written record that you will be keeping of what you are learning in class.  You may write answers from textbook work, classroom notes, making observations from labs, drawings from what you are learning, notes from any videos that are watched, any notes from others’ presentations.  I will periodically check your journals.


        Homework is a critical component to learning.  Mr. Kennedy will try to assign important follow-up exercises to strength your understanding.  Any late assignments will be penalized 5 points each day it is late.  I expect to have homework turned into me at the beginning of each class period when it is due.

Makeups, Absences, Retakes

        Make up work and absences  go “hand and hand”.  Please come see me so we can discuss what material you missed.  I will allow only a few days to turn in any missing assignments and you will not be penalized for lateness.

        Retakes are granted only if you fill out the necessary paperwork and we both agree on a common time for retake period.  The proper form needs to be filled out requiring a signature from (parent/guardian), student, and Mr. Kennedy.   Mr. Kennedy will remove the previous grade with the other grade upon completion.

Lab Reports

        Lab reports are an important aspect of scientific learning.  You will be expected to turn in lab reports.  Learning about hypothesis, thinking critically, formulates results from doing the experiments, and justifies their findings.

        I also had a wonderful meeting with other science teachers and we were able to formulate a wonderful rubric for scoring your efforts in writing up a lab report.

        You will also be expected to know all the components and their significance in the creation of such documentation.


Grading System

Below is the breakdown of how I will generate your grade for each marking period.

35%-Tests, Presentations

20%-Lab Reports



15%-Challenges (Picture This, etc.)

Topics we are covering this year!

Grade 8 Yearly Plan 2018-2019

August 28,29,30 Expectations, Lab Report, Scientific Method

Earth Science

September 4th- Atmosphere

September 17 Energy Transfer

Oct. 1-Air Movement

Oct. 15-Weather, Oct. 22-Weather Patterns

November 5th-Climate, Climate Changes

Physical Science

November 13  Matter and Motion: Speed, Velocity, Acceleration

December 10-Collisions, Momentum

January 7-Forces, Newton’s Laws of Motion

Feb.4 Work and Power, Simple Machines

Life Science

Feb. 19th-Cells, Animal and Plant Cells  March 18th Cell Theory

April 1st Viewing Cells April 15-Moving Cellular Materials

April 29th Photosynthesis, Cellular Respiration

May 13th DNA Forensics