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Mr. Kennedy


Middle School Science

8th Grade Science

8th graders have been working on the importance of DNA.  Their projects were to investigate a crime that involved DNA.  Each student presented a PowerPoint involving that topic.  They are also learning about crime scene basics.  8th graders also got into a website that explored all aspects of forensics.    They learned about being a medical examiner, finding toxicology, and learning about firearms.  The next lesson is learning about fingerprints and how they are used to solve a crime.


6/7th Grade Science

These scientists are learning about the solar system.  Learning properties of stars and planets are some aspects they are studying.  Just recently they are doing presentations of a video they watched regarding the EOS (European Observatory Station).  The students also did a lab involving absolute and apparent magnitude.  This lab involved the use of flashlights to study of how a star and its light affects distance and how we see it.