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Mr. Kennedy


Grade 8 is learning more about waves.  The specific topics that they are covering are sound and light.

Just recently the students were asked to do a group presentation on the topic.  They were asked to research early scientists, future happenings, complete a poster, create a quiz, and formulate a bibliography to cite the sources they used.  The students have also learned about light and sound through the means of watching various videos to enhance their learning.

Grades 6/7 have been learning about atoms and their various characteristics.  They have been learning how to read a periodic table of elements to determine how many electrons, protons and electrons each element has.  They also created their own Bohr model to illustrate how many electrons are found in an element. 

They are also learning about the phases of matter and their various properties of each.  Mass, volume, and density are important terms they are studying.  In order to study density students are learning how to use graduated cylinders, and scales to determine volume and mass.