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Mr. Kennedy

Middle School Science

Grade 6 students are learning about the structure of atoms.  Electrons, protons, and neutrons are some new terms they are studying.  They recently did a lab creating a density tower involving various liquids.

Grade 7 students are learning about cells and cell structure.  Recently the students shared their presentations with Mrs. Hodge’s students after the 3rd & 4thgraders shared their projects with the 7th graders.  Now the students are learning about organic compounds found in the body and working on a water project.  They are tracking water usage in their individual homes.

Grade 8 students recently made their own anemometer as they are learning about weather attributes and wind speed.  They also had to create their own PowerPoint  presentation of a foreign city with particular weather-related factors included, such as precipitation and humidity.


Homework-Week of October 8-12.  

Homework should be only 20 minutes each night to review and understand what we learn in class each day.

Students may have to read, write, or just review.

Each student should be sharing what they have learned each day.

This week's topic are...

Grade 6- Students are learning about physical and chemical properties of matter.  What is an element, compound, and what makes up an atom? Monday-Read pages 498-499

Grade 7- Students are working on a cell analogy.  They are to create a presentation showing how the 10 parts of a plant cell is similar to something else.  For example: Let's compare a plant cell to a town...cell nucleus ( command center of cell, "brain")  In a town that would be the town hall.  etc.

Work on Cell project-Due Friday!!

Grade 8  Students are learning about wind speed.  They are going to create their own anemometers and record results about various wind speeds. Monday- Bill Nye Video Notes.  Write 5 facts, 2 in detail.   Research the math/science equation about wind speed.

Homework assignments for Science classes! Week of Oct. 22nd

Grade 6-Studying for Test on Friday-Should be reviewing mass, volume, density, physical properties,chemical properties.  Bonus questions: atoms and their structure

Grade 7- Test on Friday- Learning about organic compounds found in body and their function

Parts include carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids

Grade 8- Presentations on foreign city's weather and climate-Due Tuesday

Please call me if you have any questions.  Or feel free to email me at jkennedy@scs.sau7.org

Past Week.... 

Homework-Week 6  Oct. 1-5th

Home work Grade 6- Tuesday-  Lesson Review page 493.  1-6, Writing Link, Math Link
                    Grade 7 Tuesday- Working on Cell Analogy
                    Grade 8 Tuesday -Read Chapter 16 Weather, New Vocabulary  p. 493