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Mr. Kennedy

Middle School Science


                Science News for Middle Schoolers!

Another school year is upon us.  Once again, science students will be engaged, learning, and increasing 

their scientific knowledge.  I hope to challenge your student each and every day.

Grading system for all grades include the following:

35%-Tests, Presentations

20%-Lab Reports

15% Homework

15% Quizzes

15% Challenges ( Question, Create something, etc.)

I am always here to help in any way to improve your child’s understanding of science topics.  Please call 

246-7082, email jkennedy@scs.sau7.org, or come visit me at the school.


Do you know your six simple machines?  Grade 8 does!  Each student has been studying simple machines and their importance in making work easier.  Pulleys, wedges, wheels and axels, inclined planes, screws, and levers are the simple machines.  Once the students have mastered this concept they are going to create a Rube Goldberg machine.

Do you know the difference between a comet and an asteroid?  Which planet is your favorite? Grade 7 students have been studying the planets and their relationship in space.  Just recently they worked on a virtual lab about each planet’s characteristics such as diameter, distance from the sun, and the order you find them in our solar system.  Stars and galaxies are coming up next.

Do you know the difference between photosynthesis and cellular respiration?  Ask a grade 6 student and they will be able to tell you about these two important processes needed to survive on this earth.  Students created a poster showing the equations, importance, and where this process occurs.  Next in their learning is the fine topic of genetics and heredity.  Do you know what a Punnett Square is?