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Sixth Grade: In our sixth grade math class students have been working a lot with the operations with fractions, finishing up our unit with a Thanksgiving Feast. Students will be finalizing their recipes that correspond with their given scenario cards. Moving forward, we will be working more with patterns and equations. Students will be solving for variables within given patterns, creating tables and solving word problems.

Seventh Grade: In our seventh grade math class students have be working on conversions of fractions, decimals and percentages. Students will be mastering their knowledge of operations with decimals over the next couple of weeks. As an extension of prior knowledge students will be introduced to and working with negative exponents as well this month.

Eighth Grade: In our eighth grade math class students have finalized their stage three of their budgeting projects. Students have finished up their presentation of the budget sheets. Everyone worked very hard and seemed to enjoy this project. The upcoming units will consist of working a lot with equations. Students will be reviewing solving for equations, as well as numerical and algebraic expressions. A new mathematical concept students will be familiarizing themselves with is the properties of equality.


       Holiday Themed Bulletin 
                                                          Made By Ms. Saari's RTI Class
      Tacky Sweater Contest        

                                         Multiplying Decimals Maze

In our sixth grade math class we have been working a lot with decimals and estimation. We are expanding our knowledge of multiplication to multiplying with decimals. To implement this mathematical concept to the holiday season students are creating their own Holiday Sweater. Students are given a budget and requirements for their sweater. They will be taking what they have learned about multiplying decimals and using that when renting materials to construct their sweater. In the upcoming lessons, instead of dividing with remainders students will be learning to divide with decimals.

In our seventh grade class we are working on equations. Not only one step but two step equations with decimals. Aside for this, students are working on their personalized timeline project. Students are creating a timeline of their life where they are required to label the events using positive and negative integers with decimals. In upcoming lessons, we will be working a lot with  fractions and the different operations/rules.

In our eighth grade class we are working on solving equations with variables on both sides. Students will be practicing how to evaluate and graph inequalities in the upcoming month. Everyone worked so hard and enjoyed their budgeting project, I have introduced them to their next project of creating their dream business. This ongoing project has been broken into stages. Students are beginning stage one where they are deciding on a business and finding a piece of property to build/renovate their business on.

Business Presentations
Timeline Projects

In our sixth grade class students are finishing up their final touches of the dream car project. This included a review of operations with decimals. Students had to purchase a car which involved calculating interest rates and payments within a given budget. Moving forward students will be working a lot with integers. As an introduction project, students are creating a timeline of events in their lives’. Events prior to birth will be represented with negative whole numbers, present and past events within their lifetime will be represented with positive whole numbers.

In our seventh grade class students are working with ratios and unit rates. As a project, students are creating a poster comparing two different objects. This may be different brands of similar products or the same product that comes in various sizes. They are to calculate the unit rate/price of their objects and determine the best buy. Upcoming, we will be getting more in depth on solving proportions.  

In our eighth grade class students have been working a lot with slope. Students have done various assignments and stations that relate to graphing and solving problems that incorporate slope. They are now using the slope intercept formula when completing their stained glass project. Students were given the option to create their own or use a template when graphing various lines, the final stage is for them to color and create their images to look similar to stained glass.  

Coordinate Town Presentations

Reflections, Rotations, & Translations


In our sixth grade class, we are currently working with equations, where students are solving for missing variables and drawing models to represent expressions. Students are also working hard on their projects. They are planning their “Dream Vacation” which includes travel expenses, airfare, food, attractions and hotel costs. This project connects closely to real life which involves several mathematical concepts such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals.

In our seventh grade class, we are working with inequalities. Students are working with graphing inequalities, as well as, understanding and modeling each property associated with each.  A previous lesson on formulas has been implemented in an ongoing project in our class. Students are creating their “Dream House,” where they are drawing blueprints of each room. For each room students have to find the area and perimeter. These drawings will be drawn to scale using graph paper where ¼ inch represents 1 foot. The final step of this project will be designing their house using a computer program on their new chromebooks.

In our eighth grade class, we have finalized and finished the first part of our budgeting project. The students have all worked extremely hard on these and for the most part, have seemed to enjoyed them. After completing the final budget sheet, students will be drawing “life” cards where they will be adopting a child, a pet or finding a significant other. From this point, they will have to adjust their budget to each given scenario. In our upcoming lessons students will be working a lot with real numbers. Students will be able to accurately solve and estimate perfect squares and square roots of numbers.

     Thanksgiving Feast


         Squares & Square Roots                     Mathopoly 

In our sixth grade math class students how devoted a lot of time working on their Zoo Projects, students are asked to create a zoo with several different mathematical requirements such as budgets, square footage, and scaled blueprints. Along with our projects, students are working to build their understandings of fractions: finding common denominators, multiplying, and dividing.

In our seventh grade math class students are working with rational numbers. Students have been classifying rational numbers for some time now, but we are transitioning to ordering and solving problems with these numbers. Addition to this, students are working on a college course comparison project.

In our eighth grade math class students have been introduced and working with functions. In upcoming weeks students will be graphing, using tables, mapping and the vertical line test. Along with this, students are working on an ongoing career project that integrates math, social studies, and language arts.

Completed Zoo Projects

In our sixth grade class we are continuing our work with coordinate geometry. We’ve been working a lot with coordinate graphs, to expand our knowledge of this students are creating their own town using a four quadrant coordinate grid. Students are required to have 7 buildings, 4 different points that represent various objects, and a list of all the ordered pairs. The buildings may be combined to make different shapes: squares, rectangles, and other polygons. By the end of this unit, students will be able to graph given equations.

In our seventh grade class we are finishing up our unit on taxes, interest and commission. Students used these concepts when creating their own store where they selected 5 items and advertised a percentage discount. Everyone then had to calculate savings from their peers’ stores. Moving forward we will be working on interpreting different sets of data. Students will be able to represent information on different graphs and plots.

In our eighth grade class we have started to dig deeper into our Geometry lessons. We started the unit off by drawing/tracing photos and performing different translations, dilations, rotations, and reflections to each. Students are now creating pie graphs which involves them calculating the fractions, percentages, and degrees for given information.  Currently, students are working on their own surveys. They have all created a poll question where they will collect the data and calculate those results to represent them using a pie chart, both by hand measuring the angles and online using a program.

In our sixth grade class we are working a lot with ratios. We have discussed the different ways to represent ratios as well as modeling with drawings. Students have created their own games (board, matching, or electronic)  to test peers knowledge of graphing equations, writing ratios and review of one & two step equations.

In our seventh grade class we have focused our time on learning and creating different types of graphs. Students have worked with line graphs, bar graphs, scatter plots, stem and leaf, venn diagram, box and whisker, and circle graphs. For a project, students are surveying and researching topics of their choice to create 5 different graphs, both hand drawn and computer generated.

In our eighth grade class we have been working more with calculating simple and compound interest. This topic has led to several different real world connections and discussions, with that being said students are now working on a credit card project. This project is where students have to research and read “between the lines” in understanding APR with credit cards. Students are really making connections to help them understand the formula I= PRT.


In our sixth grade math class we have been working a lot with conversions. Students have found an everyday object to represent length, capacity, and weight and with that have taken those objects to create different conversion questions to solve using various units. During our final month at school students will be working with percentages. We will be working with understanding, estimating, finding parts of a whole and solving word problems using percent.

In our seventh grade math class we have been working hard on our Geometry lessons. As an introduction students were to create a business logo with several different geometric requirements. Students are able to identify different polygons and triangles as well as find interior angles. Moving forward, students will be working with circles, circumferences, diameters, radius, and area.

In our eighth grade math class we have just finished up our unit on polyhedrons and students are working on creating a 3-D models made out of household materials to present a complex polyhedron. To finish off the year students will be working on creating and interpreting data from different types of plots and graphs.

7th Grade Geometry Games
3-D Polyhedron Projects

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