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Wish List (Recycled Items)

We're looking for a few recycled items for some upcoming projects.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
  • Shaker cans with lids from the Parmesan-style cheese

  • CDs, DVDs, or CD-ROMs (do not have to work)

  • Corks

  • card fronts (the picture part), especially Christmas cards

  • plastic zippered bags from curtains, sheets, etc.

  • Yo-Crunch yogurt containers with lids (washed please!)

  • clear water bottle LIDS

  • broken crayons

  • I'm also looking for clean wrappers and labels from different products that children may recognize on their own. We'll be using it for letter recognition. 

Check back here as I'll update the list when we think of other things we could use.  Thank you!