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Mrs. Hemon

What a wonderful first week of school!
Teachers and students are both feeling tired but accomplished. :)
The kindergartners have been working on thinking about what they'd like to learn this year at school. We've compiled a list of hopes and dreams that are hanging on our hallway bulletin board. Check them out when you get a chance!

The children have started brainstorming a list of rules that might be helpful to have at school. Next week we will work on seeing how those fit into our PAWS framework (Practice respect Accept Responsibility Work together Safety First)

We've also been learning about the shapes that make up letters using the Handwriting Without Tears language.  Big lines, little lines, big curves, and little curves all work together to make the letters in our alphabet. The kindergartners are really good at identifying the different shapes and will start teaching the pre-kindergartners next week. Soon we'll be putting them together to make capital letters.