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Mrs. Hemon

In PreK & K we finished up learning how to write all the capital letters. Kindergartners have started learning lowercase letters and sight words my, the, I, a, and can. We have enjoyed listening to our Reading Buddies from grades 1/2 read us Christmas stories while we worked in small groups on our Christmas crafts and gifts for our families. We hope you enjoy them. In Math, we've been learning how to count, read, and write the numbers 11 to 20.

We had a school-wide pajama day on 12/19. Mrs. Mathieu was kind enough to take our picture while we were reading this afternoon.



In Language Arts, we worked on the Magic C letters. They're magic letters because you first write a C, then turn it into another letter, such as O, G, Q, and S. We also learned the center-starters I, T, and J. We have finished learning all the capital letters and will be moving on to lowercase letters in December.
In Math, we've been counting and comparing numbers 0 to 10. We've talked about the numbers that are 1 fewer, 2 fewer, 1 more, and 2 more than any given number. We also practiced putting groups of numbers into counting order, starting with a number that is not 1. These concepts can be tricky, and some children were having difficulty, so please practice at home.
We are finishing out the month looking forward to the arrival of our elf, Krynn, as we begin working on top-secret craft projects.

The month of October has been a very busy month in PreK & K. We finished the Frog Jump capital letters (FEDPBRNM) and began learning the Starting Corner capitals (HKLUVWXYZ). We only have the Center Starting capitals left (COQGSAITJ). PreK went on a green hunt, took pictures, and made a book for our classroom library. We have read at least one book each day and are making a poster with pictures of all the books on it.
In Math, we've learned how to read and write the numbers 0-10, count groups of that many objects, and compare the numbers using the words more than, less than,equal to, more, or fewer.
We picked the pumpkin we grew in our class garden. We guessed how many seeds might be inside. We explored and described the inside and outside of the pumpkin. We counted the seeds. There were 143. Ms. R was closest with a guess of 139.

Language Arts
We've worked on the letters F, E, D, P, B, and R. We have learned how to write them using the Handwriting Without Tears format. We're learning about the sounds the letters make and words that begin with those sounds. You can help at home by asking things like "It's time to read our book. What sound does book begin with? That's right, the /b/ sound."
Updated 10/8/17: We've also learned letters N, M, H and K.

We've learned how to count groups of up to five objects, identify, read, and write the numbers 1 to 5. You can help at home by having your child practice counting. A great time to do this is setting the table: "How many people in our family?" (pause to count) "So if everyone needs one plate, how many plates will you need to put on the table?"

Photo Comment: This young lady was very excited to bring in her Rabbit for letter R.