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Mrs. Hemon

August 27, 2019
We had a great first day of kindergarten. The students explored some of the toys first thing this morning and worked on their social skills. I heard lots of problem solving and fun, collaborative playing going on! Everyone helped clean up, then they went to Art with Mr. Wade. After Art, we had snack, read a story Caps for Sale,had Morning Meeting, then went out to recess with Mrs. Ricker's class. We came inside, washed up for lunch, and went to the multi with grades K-3. After lunch, we read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and make coconut trees with the alphabet climbing up in the branches. We had another snack, learned a new song, and made Mat Man both with wood pieces and with a marker on paper. Mat Man is a character in our Handwriting Without Tears curriculum that you'll be hearing about a lot! After we finished Mat Man, we packed up for home, then went out for a second recess. The students were pretty excited because our whole wing of the school (grades K-5) were outside together. When we came inside, it was time to go home.  What an exciting first day!