Constitution Day 2017

Students in grades K-8 celebrated and learned about our Constitution during the weeks of September 11th and 18th. Check out some of their learning:

In Kindergarten, we read a book about the Constitution and colored a corresponding booklet that featured various characters who all said "The Constitution is the law for me."

In first and second grade, we read a book about Constitution Day as a class.  Afterwards, we read a leveled reader on Constitution Day.  Students then created as many words out of the letters in the word "Constitution" as they could. 

In third grade, we watched a short video about the Constitution.  We discussed it in partners and then as a class. After, we made the connection to our rules being our class constitution, which we then signed.


The fifth graders talked about type of document the US Constitution is. We learned that all countries have some sort of document that states how they want their country to be run, the purpose their government, and how it affects its citizens. The US Constitution is our document. We focused on understanding what just the Preamble states. We dissected the words and divided into groups to draw pictures of the five main purposes of our government. Then, for fun, we each took a turn writing with a quill and ink the words of the Preamble and signed our names.  All thought that was fun but hard to do.


Students in grades 6-8 listened to and sang to the "Schoolhouse Rock Preamble song", while all having copies of the preamble. They then examined and talked about the Constitution document. A copy was hanging on the board that students could examine.Afterwards, students looked in their textbooks and located the Constitution document, and talked about the amendments. To finish, students watched a 30 minute video about the Constitution.