Heritage Tour Calendar Fundraiser

Click on the link below to view the prizes for the Heritage Tour Calendar Fundraiser. If your name is drawn, it goes back in the bucket so you have a chance to win a prize EVERY day during the month of February!

February 1st: Doug Lyons
February 2nd: Bird Feeder - Dwane Sweatt
Massage- Naomie Grady
February 3rd: Melvin French
February 4th: Shelf- Dan Owen
Rainbow Grill Gift Certificate- Dwayne Donovan
February 5th: Colebrook House of Pizza- Katie Sawicki
February 6th: Clock - Claire Perry
February 7th: Healing Salt - Kara Marquis
Marquis Garage-Lisette Placey
February 8th: Statue- Suzanne Biron
February 9th: Log Haven- Doug & Marise Burns
February 10th: Old Apple Tree Candle- Jackson Hodge
Joanne's Added Attractions- Kathleen Adams
February 11th: Mathieu's Martial Arts- Jerry Reynolds
February 12th: Packrats basket- Janice Daniels
North Country Paddle gift certificate- Beth Bissonnette
February 13th: Wet Detangle Brush/Gift certificate to Le Petit Salon- Pierre Allard
February 14th: $25 Hawg Trawf Gift Certificate- Tracy Owen
February 15th: Kenra Ultimate Hold hair spray/gel- Stephanie Hall
February 16th: Moose Muck Coffee House gift certificate- Dustin Grant
February 17th: Bolens Septic free pump- Cyndia Gebhard
February 18th: Log Lamp- Jane McKinnon
Owen's Boys Maple Syrup- Crystal Ouimette
February 19th: Wayne's Lanes Gift Certificate- Claud Roy
February 20th: Poulin Sales Gift Certificate- Claud Roy
February 21st: Cunningham's Oil Change- Ricky Cross
February 22nd: C4 Gift Certificate - Rachel Cross
NCCRC Gift Certificate - Kevin Rice
February 23rd: Photo Calendar- Paula Chapple
February 24th: Time Out Tavern Gift Certificate - Jane McKinnon
February 25th: Ducret's Gift Certificate - Tonya Labreque
Toy Set from Lin Jo- Amy Patterson
February 26th: Pauline's Boutique Gift Certificate - Louise Daley
February 27th: Spa Gift Certificate - Ricky Cross
Jaime's Boutique Gift Certificate- Arlene Allard

Jen Mathieu,
Jan 11, 2017, 11:41 AM